Car Travel Games

If you have teenage siblings that fight or niggle at each other it may be worthwhile splitting them up and putting one of them in the front and sitting in the back yourself.

Teenage girls don't need a lot of entertaining, they can read, listen to their mp3 player, play games on their phone / games machine, text friends or ideally if they take a friend with them chatter for the entire journey!

Boys however tend to be different, although they can do all of the above they can get bored more quickly and feel the need to stretch their legs more so frequent stops are essential.

Letting them listen to the radio station they want to can keep them quiet for a while although the parents might get a bit frazzled with Radio 1 on for the entire journey.

On a different note .... have you managed to miss the strange craze that's swathing through the UK at the moment?
Silly Bandz !! ... Silly Bandz are rubber bands but rubber bands with a difference, kids cant get enough of them! They come in 10 different groups from princesses to dinosaurs with 24 differnt 'bandz' per pack and cost 3.99 per pack of 24. Strangely, they seem to cross all age groups and my 18 year old son had some mates over the other day who swiped a packet each and wore them on their wrists but primary kids love them too, Oh and some adults !!! We do a special offer of all 10 designs for 30.00 which is a good investment for some stocking fillers .... Silly Bandz

Playing a games of cards can while away an hour or so and you could even make it more fun by playing for something or having the looser do a forfeit. Try buying the backpacker card game which was launched a couple of years ago and has had fantastic reviews. A teenager I know when away on a gap year and came back home with orders from all his friends, it was such a massive hit!

Giving a teenager the responsibility of map reading can work quite well if you ask them to point out various landmarks such as going over rivers, roads coming in from the left or right etc etc to keep them focused. It makes them feel part of the trip and sometimes treating a child like an adult brings out the best in them. This, however, could get very fractous if they are bad at it and send you the wrong way so it's probably an idea to have an idea to where youre going before you set out if theres any doubt at all about their abilities!

If you are in a traffic queue making up stories about the people in the car nearby can be funny for a short while ie what their names are, what they do for a job, what their hobbies are, what pets they have, what their house is like etc etc. This tends to only work well if somone in the car has a good imagination / sense of humour and can make up outrageous facts.

Pick an object, any object, and see who can find the most uses for it apart from the one its meant for. For example how many uses can you find for a pair of pants? .. a donkeys hat, a handkerchief, a tea cosy, a dishcloth, a duster, a flag, a small bag etc etc

Try taking one of the travel brain benders from our shop. If nothing else it might keep them quiet for 20 minutes or so. The full moon is quite tricky and might take hours to work out so it depends on how long your children can concentrate for. View here

If none of this works and you still have irritating bored boys (and it usually is boys!) in the back you could try some of the games below that they will probably get a huge amount of enjoyment from but are probably more suited to an all male journey!

Decide who's playing...get it confirmed in blood and agreed by an adult so there's no comeback! All the players look out for a yellow car and the first person to spot one yells 'yellow car' everyone else has to yell it too and the last one gets punched by the 'yellee'.

Toss a coin to see who serves. Play the rules of tennis with burps instead of balls! This can only be played I game at a time as in my experience you feel sick after 5 or 6 burps!!

Think of a shape easily made with your hand and agree that it will be your muppet (it could be a circle made with thumband forefinger, a fist, a long as all the players agree. The object of the game is to try and make any of the players look at your muppet...if they do you can punch them! This can be played throughout the entire journey as an aside to other games. Again, decide who's playing...get it confirmed in blood and agreed by an adult so there's no comeback!

Find a flat surface and thumb wrestle. Two players sitting next to each other hook the four fingers of their right hands together so both of their right thumbs are sticking straight up. The winner is the player who pins down his or her opponent's right thumb using their thumb.

Nothing to do with car journeys but for teenage boys near water the Waboba ball is an absolute must !!! check it out

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