Improve your knowledge of the British kings and queens of England with no effort and a lot of fun. Who had an arrow in his face at 16 years old? Who had 25 illigitimate children? Or just play top trumps with the length of reign.

Harry hastings history heroes - monarchs


Did you enjoy the 2012 Olympics? How many athletes do you know? Test your knowlege of athletes current and past and be amazed by some of the facts.

Harry hastings history heroes - sporting heroes


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harrys History Heroes

Recommended player age 8-80 years !

6 different games in 1

History Heroes are designed to be played at many different levels and ages. Designed by a history teacher they are the perfect example of learning through play being a cross between Top Trumps and Trivial pursuit ! Great fun for the whole family to play on the move or to take away with them:

  • Play it like top trumps

  • Play it by identifying facts red hard, yellow medium and green easiest

  • Play it by identifying the picture

  • Roll a dice and play Harrys hints

Each set has slightly different games and all the cards have interesting and sometimes unusual facts about the person on the card.

Who owns a labrador called Myla, a Jamaican father called Vinnie, loves shopping for handbags, has a degree in psychology and won gold in the Heptathlon in 2012 ? - Jessica Ennis
HIstory heroes - Queen Victoria

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